May 29, 2024 at 9:00 AM
by Black Box Productions

Black Box Productions recently had the honor of contributing to the Canadian Screen Awards by conducting interviews with Quebec filmmakers Martin Villeneuve and André Turpin. These interviews were part of a tribute to the acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who received the Academy Icon Award.

We offered our video production services in Montreal to our client, a Toronto based producer at Makers. The interviews took place in studio, with the final content being used for the live-to-tape broadcast of the Canadian Screen Awards. This tribute pack aimed to celebrate Denis Villeneuve's contributions to cinema, including his work on films like "Dune." We set up a two-camera interview in a professional studio environment, using a seamless backdrop to ensure a polished and visually appealing final cut. The technical specifications and reference images were followed, as provided by our client, making sure that the production met their standards.

Working with figures like Martin Villeneuve and André Turpin was an immense honor. Their insights and stories added depth to the tribute. Martin Villeneuve, sharing anecdotes about his brother Denis’s early passion for "Dune," provided a unique and personal perspective on the celebrated director's journey. Hearing about Denis Villeneuve’s teenage years, crafting storyboards for "Dune" as a fan, and then realizing the dream of directing the film years later, was a testament to his enduring vision and dedication.

André Turpin, a distinguished Quebecois director and cinematographer, brought his expert eye to our setup. Black Box cinematographer Josh Usheroff asked André, “So, do you approve of our lighting set–up?” and with a wry grin he replied “Well, I prefer to backlight from the key side”. His comment was a playful critique of the lighting set-up that we followed. He continued, “but this looks good.”

Black Box Productions is proud to be part of this Award ceremony to honor an Icon of Canadian cinema. The 2024 Canadian Screen Awards will broadcast on CBC, May 31, 2024.

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