April 1, 2024 at 9:00 AM
by Black Box Productions

In commercial production, agility and flexibility are essential traits.

Black Box Productions recently worked to handle the production of a commercial promoting Pita Pit, a restaurant chain specializing in customizable healthy pitas, and their “Created 4 You” limited time offer.

Inspired by Arby’s iconic “We Have the Meats” campaign, the original concept for this video series was to create individual 15-second videos introducing pitas featured in the LTO. Each spot would highlight a different pita, accompanied by witty dialogue and dynamic camera movements.

However, a last-minute directive from the client reshaped our approach entirely. We needed to quickly pivot our production to accommodate a new idea. Instead of separate spots, the decision was made to combine all five scenes into one single sequence. As the camera pulls out to reveal each pita, a playful twist emerges: every time the voiceover introduces the limited-time offer, a mysterious hand would swoop in to claim the wrap. This seemingly minor alteration sparked a cascade of logistical considerations. Questions were asked about selecting hand models and creating pitas that could be handled repeatedly for multiple takes.

When marketing for a restaurant, collaborating with a trusted food stylist is key. Their understanding of the brand's aesthetic and skilled placement of the ingredients ensure a seamless execution on set. Detailed discussions with the food stylist ensured that each pita not only looked appetizing but also remained structurally sound for handling on camera.

We collaborated with expert food director and our dear friend Ali Rahimi. As a food photography expert, Ali brought a level of precision and finesse to the shoot. The team also used specialized equipment like the probe lens to get up close and show the pita and its ingredients. With a fully equipped studio dedicated to food photography, the team was able to deliver the desired results.

Creating a short and awesome script took a lot of tweaking, and adding graphics brought its own challenges.

Working together with our client's marketing team and exploring different ideas, we nailed an approach that everyone was happy with.

At Black Box Productions we work with multiple restaurant brands, helping them to develop marketing creative and produce commercials. If you work in marketing for restaurants, hospitality or food brands, get in touch with us to talk about your next commercial.