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What It Takes To Be An Olympian

By on July 21, 2016 in Company News, Market Trends, Set Life


As the sponsor of Jeux du Québec 2016, Sports Experts is encouraging young athletes to be dedicated and focused on achieving their personal best. Their campaign describes the challenges of becoming an Olympian in a way that pushes every-day athletes to be active and driven. When Notch Video contacted us about being a part of this project, we were amped to inspire the next generation of athletes to achieve their ambitious goals. With a motivating voice over, the former Olympic diving champion Alexandre Despatie plays the role of a mentor who shares his insights on what it takes to be an Olympian. Our video was seen over 125,000 times in the first week of its launch.

Deep in Virtual Reality with Minority Media

By on May 19, 2016 in Company News, Market Trends, Set Life

Last week we wrapped a green screen shoot for Minority Media to launch the trailer of their new virtual reality video game: Time Machine VR. When our client approached us, they already had a director and concept in mind. We offered a turn-key production solution including cinematography services, 4K camera kit, studio space, lights and green screen. When filming green screen, we recommend capturing in 4K resolution to allow for ultra-high definition detail when keying or compositing in post-production.


Flying High with Air Miles Detour

By on May 3, 2016 in Company News, Market Trends, Set Life


When Air Miles’ agency, Notch Video, approached us to shoot a micro documentary about the music scene in Morin-Heights, we found ourselves discovering a small town with a rich musical history. The Air Miles’ Detour campaign is a contest among five small towns across Canada where the winner will be rewarded with a Meghan Trainor concert. While working on the documentary, we discovered that Morin-Heights had hosted many iconic rock legends. Cat Stevens, Rush, The Police and David Bowie all recorded at the renowned Le Studio. One of our favorite anecdotes was about the time when Keith Richards passed out in front of the studio, which caused a panicked cleaning lady to call the police. During the two days of filming, we captured the rich and diverse culture and the eventful musical history at Morin-Heights with a series of bilingual interviews and some inspiring performances by local artists.

Email Marketing with Video

By on February 16, 2016 in Market Trends

Think about how many hours you spend reading emails every day. Now, think about how many fewer you would spend if those emails included a short and interesting video instead of a plain old text. It goes without saying that watching videos is a faster way of engaging and communicating rather than reading. The Internet audience is growing rapidly while new ways of communicating are emerging and existing ones are improving. Email marketing is becoming more effective as the integration of videos in emails is spreading. Video emails get the viewers hooked in a way that plain text emails cannot. The visual presentation of marketing campaigns tends to have a bigger impact on the viewers. Thus, it is more than appropriate to consider video email marketing as a penetrating marketing tool. According to eMarketer, 55% of the brands that used videos in their email campaigns saw higher click-through rates. The market research company also observed a 44% increase in the amount of time spent on each email by the subscribers and a 41% increase in the sharing or forwarding rates of these emails.  A viral video can increase awareness and deliver messages in a way that is substantially more influential than other marketing tools. Increasing awareness is not the only way video email marketing helps to increase presence in the virtual world. It also improves search engine rankings, which is another way of drawing more attention to your brand.


The mighty power of videos should not be underestimated when it comes to marketing. They have a habit of pulling you into their own reality and separating you from your own. What better way to say what you want to say quickly and effectively? You can be the judge of how effective video email marketing can be. Just take a look…

Now that we know how engaging video can be, want to leverage all the advantages of video email marketing?

Below, you can see a short list of services, which can be helpful in integrating a video into your email:

  1. MailChimp embeds the video in an email by creating screenshots of the video, which is originally hosted on social sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. BombBomb hosts the video and sends the email for you in order to avoid any technical problems.
  3. TailoredMail uploads, encodes and embeds your videos into your emails for instant sending. Individual subscribers’ viewing behaviours are also tracked for the purpose of gathering information about your target market.

Other practical options would be to use HTML5, animated .GIF or .PNG videos. Using HTML5 has various advantages such as improved functionality and compatibility with iOS devices.  Animated .GIF and .PNG videos help in playing the video instantly when the subscriber views the email. An animated .GIF is a reliable option since it can be created and integrated into any email easily.

By using any of these practices, it is possible to engage in video email marketing in a way that will save a lot of time, deliver messages more effectively, increase awareness and spread presence in the virtual world.

Contact us if you would like to use videos to promote your brand.

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